The Essential Guide to Hiring Software Engineers from Unabridged Software

Everything you need to know about hiring Software Engineers.

Hiring Software Engineers is hard. To complicate matters, there's an endless supply of bad advice from the industry. Still, the usual questions remain. How can you be sure that your process is working? How do you know that a candidate can do the job? Which interview questions are effective? Which part of a resume is most valuable? What background, education level, and skills do you really need to look for?

This process doesn’t need to be so confusing. Through years of refinement, we've found a straightforward process to interviewing that allows businesses to feed candidates in at one end of their hiring funnel and get quality employees out the other. We've put together this field guide to help you put that process into practice. The less time you waste on useless and counterproductive hiring tactics, the faster you'll see ROI.

This Essential Guide Shows You How To...

Interviewing and Hiring Software Engineers

Hiring a software engineer is as much cult as science. But it doesn't have to be that way. As an interviewer, you have the opportunity to run your interviews in a way that represents the work and competencies you are hiring for.

Debug The Way You Interview

When is the last time that you seriously evaluated the way your company interviews Software Engineers? It's time to debug your hiring process.

Stop Imitating Google

Your company isn't a venture-backed tech unicorn in Silicon Valley, so why model your hiring process after theirs? Learn to hire top talent through better interviews.

Run a Technical Interview

When interviewing developers, evaluating technical proficiency is a crucial part of the process. Once the sample project is complete, it's time for the technical interview. This is an interviewer's guide to making the most of a technical review.

...And More!

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Unabridged Software is a team of business-minded engineers based in Nebraska. In addition to rescuing existing web apps and creating new ones, we help our clients hire their own software developers or even build an entire development team. In an industry full of mercenaries, we're focused on forming successful long term relationships with our clients by prioritizing outcomes over output and building software at the intersection of value, usability, and feasibility.